Easter Excesses!

Another week gone!

The children arrived home from their ‘holiday’ with their grandparents on Thursday, then on Good Friday, following minor water damage from a leaky cistern, off we went for a family walk. We are lucky to live in an area with a vast canal network, so can explore for miles – I blogged all about it here

On Easter Sunday, we attended church. We have a lovely tradition here, where the bare Lenten cross is decked with spring flowers to symbolise resurrection & new life and is rather beautiful!

(thanks to @publictatmummy for creating the picture above from my photos)

Then it was off to the pub for Sunday lunch with the family.

The children were spoilt rotten with Easter eggs this year, but both me & hubby asked for none as we’re both trying to be healthier. Instead he got a bottle of whiskey & I got a bottle of vodka! (I know there’s an irony in there somewhere!)

On Easter Monday, it was a bit wet & miserable, so we had a fantastic day out at RAF Cosford (again, I blogged it here )

Hubby went back to work Tuesday, so me & the children had a soft play day, and Wednesday my daughter’s friend cane to play. This involved a lot of giggling, crafting, running and an indoor picnic!


Then on Thursday, I took the children to meet up with some (adult) cousins for pizza and then to the cinema to see ‘Pirates and their adventure with Scientists’. What an awesome film! If you haven’t been yet, borrow a child and go!

So all of this Easter excess has got to have had an impact on my weight loss.

I’ve kept track & not kidded myself. And there will be no excuses.

And, I think because of this, I’ve had another pleasant surprise, I’ve stayed the same!

I’m happy with this as I’ve had an amazing week and had fun without going too mad.

Back to the routine today and here’s to a smaller me next week!


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