Eating Out & An Empty Nest

It’s been a strange week.

It started by taking my daughter shopping for her birthday present – some new clothes – a Chinese Buffet and a stroll along the canal.

On the Sunday, mum & dad visited & we went out for a Toby Carvery (and may have indulged in a pudding *looks shamefaced*).

Mum & dad then took the children home with them for 5 nights – it’s the Easter Holidays.

I’ve enjoyed a week without any child care responsibilities, it meant that me and my husband could go out for a curry with family without worrying about babysitters.

It also meant we had curry, along with lager and wine – definitely not healthy eating friendly but definitely delicious and a lot of fun.

Despite enjoying the week, I’ve also missed the children terribly, checking in them on the way to bed, even though they weren’t there, wondering why it was quiet.

They arrived home last night, and it was like they’d never been away – they’d had a huge amount of fun, and were bouncing off the walls!

My empty nest was suddenly full again!

So after a week of eating out and an empty nest, how did my weigh in go?

Well, given all the above, I was expecting a gain, so was pleasantly surprised to stay the same.

I’ll take that as a victory – I’ve still lost 17.5lbs since the New Year, do back to it this week.

Happy Easter!



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