Bank Holiday Bridges in the Black Country

Having not seen the children all week, once we got our plumbing disaster sorted (dull story!), we decided to go out & do something as a family.

Living in the Black Country, in the Midlands, we’re blessed with a vast canal network, and many of them intersect around us, so we chose to go for a stroll.

To make it a bit more of an adventure, we decided to get the train from Dudley Port up to Smethwick Galton Bridge. Galton Bridge was built by Thomas Telford and was a huge engineering achievement at the time – there’s some information on Wikipedia

As we were strolling along, I became fascinated by all the different bridges we came across & started snapping pictures – starting with Galton Bridge:


There were a huge variety as you can see here:


The one below is the M5 motorway near Junction 2:


There were weeping willows along the tow path, which made a pretty frame for a family picture (with a bridge in the background!)


I mentioned the amount of intersections around us, which gave me the opportunity to snap this picture:


We were also lucky enough to see a couple of barges – one a working one:


The other one a day tripper:


All in all we walked about 4.5 miles and talked nonsense, and said hello to the various cyclists, joggers, dog walkers & fisherman.

We finished off our walk by walking down a section called Eight Locks.


So after a long and pleasant walk, we’re going to have fish & chips for tea then Hot Cross Buns for pudding.

If you’re interested in our route, here it is:



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