Weight Loss & Service With A Smile

This week has been a good one on the whole.

We’ve been loving the glorious weather children & are living the garden.

Last Sunday, my husband, mum & 4 year old son did the Sport Relief run. (3 miles for hubby!) and incredibly proud of them all


Otherwise it’s been a business as usual week, working, being mummy and enjoying the sunshine.

I was very impressed with the service from Weight Watchers – I bought a branded pedometer last Friday and set it up & wore it straight away. By the end if the day I’d walked miles around the park with my boy, looked at it to see whether I’d hit my target – all that was left was the clip.

I rang up, and received an instant apology, and an offer of a call back to resolve. The phone call came as I hung up from the first call! I was offered another apology, and a new pedometer. It arrived this morning. Just what customer service should be.

Anyway, I’ve just been for my weigh in and…….

I’ve lost another 1lb, which brings me to a total of *trumpet fanfare*

17.5lbs altogether

I am convinced I can do this, here’s to the Easter holidays!


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