Gifts, Treats & Chocolate Brownies!

Well it’s week 12 in my quest to be a healthier version of me.

This week we’ve had Mothering Sunday. My children made me some beautiful cards & gifts. Mainly edible, but very much appreciated. An d my husband made me breakfast in bed, and cooked a delicious roast chicken.


On Monday my baby girl?!? Turned 8 years old. I like to make the children’s birthday cakes, as I enjoy baking & I think it helps create those special memories. This year my daughter’s obsession is Moshi Monsters, and her favourite is a Moshling called Luvli, who is heart shaped. So I made her a heart shaped chocolate brownie cake, with crushed maltesers in, decorated with red buttercream. She loved it!


Although the first attempt was NOT as successful!


That will evolve into chocolate fridge cake this afternoon!

I also had a moment this week where I just did not want to cook or make a decision about what we would have for tea. Husband to the rescue… Fish & Chips arrived.
They were delicious.
But I couldn’t finish them.
In fact, I ate half what I would’ve eaten 12 weeks ago.

I’m calling that a No Scales Victory!

So how have I got on this week?

I’ve lost 2.5lbs! A total of 16.5lbs all together.

To say I’m chuffed would be an understatement – onwards & slimwards!


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