Winning streak!

Well it’s week 11.

What a week!

On Friday, I had a crack at the online Weight Watchers give away on Twitter. All you had to do was tweet why you should win some WW chocolate – and I won!

The prize was a selection of 5 WW choccie bars and they were gratefully received.

On Friday, we also packed the car to spend the weekend at my mum & dad’s house as we had tickets to see Horrible Histories theatre tour. It was brilliant! Completely different from the TV show, but fantastic story telling and great songs. We had a ball!


Then Monday was parent’s evening. It’s so love to hear teachers talking about how clever & enthusiastic the children are and we get the impression they are liked as well. We are having some issues with my 4yo boy’s behaviour, but we’re working with the school to try and settle him down.

Thursday, me & my other half had tickets to see Chris Addison in stand up. He’s a regular on Mock the Week & one of the stars of a BBC 4 political comedy called ‘In The Thick Of It’.

Mum very kindly travelled from Liverpool to baby sit, and we had a me out as well as the show.

What a wonderful night! We laughed till put faces ached!

Although I was sensible with my meal out, I know if I eat late before a weigh in, I tend to gain. So I attended my meeting with low expectations.

As I walked through the door, I was greeted with the news I’d won £25 to spend in the shop!

Then I got on the scales to find I’d lost 1.5lbs!

This means I have now lost a stone.

I am flying high and even more determined to succeed!!!


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