Variety Is The Spice Of Rice!

Week 9 in my quest.

Saturday is our family sit down and eat together day, so I cooked pie – including pastry from scratch. It was delicious!


Then we had family Sunday lunch and a birthday party.

Then straight into the routine of the working/school week.

Monday my other half was out, so it was a ‘sort yourself’ night. While he ready mealed, I found a recipe for butternut squash microwave risotto. I really enjoyed it and it was easy too.

Tuesday I was school governoring (no that’s not a real word, but I like it!), so we had a Chinese take away.

Wednesday was homemade chicken & sweet potato curry with rice.

It was only when I was looking at my meal plan on Thursday & started defrosting the ingredients for a bacon & leek risotto I spotted a theme!

Monday – risotto rice
Tuesday – Chinese rice
Wednesday – curry rice
Thursday – ….. You get the picture!

Now, I like rice, but four days on the go?

So Thursday became sausage & lentil one pot & mash (soooo tasty!)

So, how did this rice themed week affect my weight this week?

I lost 1/2lb, which is a total of 12 & 1/2 lbs. In this race, I’m definitely the tortoise, but that’s ok – I know if I plod along and just keep going, I’ll get there.

I leave you with this thought:

“Never eat more than you can lift.” ~Miss Piggy

Wise words, especially if it’s rice.

2 thoughts on “Variety Is The Spice Of Rice!

  1. Just imagine what it must be like being Japanese. 20009… rice, 2010 …rice, 2011…rice, must find way to end this joke.

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