Cleopatra, The Gruffalo & Me!

Week 8 has arrived.

After last week’s surprise gain, I made doubly sure that I have been keeping my food diary accurately and reinforcing the good habits I’ve begun.

So, it’s been packed lunches for work every day and walked to the shops and been on the Xbox sports game as well.

The majority of my evenings have been caught up with costume making for World Book Day.

The girl wanted to be Cleopatra – she read a story of the Shakespeare play in October and has been adamant ever since that she wanted to be Cleopatra.


It’s amazing what you can do with a white pillowcase & some gold ribbon!

The boy wanted to be The Gruffalo/Gruffalo’s Child. This was more complex and has meant me spending my evenings on the sewing machine – which I haven’t used since I was 11 making my apron for Home Economics!

This was the result:



There has been much gnashing of teeth & grumbling to make this, but in his words “it’s ‘credible mummy!” so I’m rather pleased!

The other upside to this endeavour is that instead of watching TV with the temptation of a glass of wine and/or snacks I’ve been occupied and busy.

This means that this week I have lost 1.5lbs, a grand total of 12lbs.

I’m delighted with this, I’m back on track and moving forward.



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