Weight Loss & Service With A Smile

This week has been a good one on the whole.

We’ve been loving the glorious weather children & are living the garden.

Last Sunday, my husband, mum & 4 year old son did the Sport Relief run. (3 miles for hubby!) and incredibly proud of them all


Otherwise it’s been a business as usual week, working, being mummy and enjoying the sunshine.

I was very impressed with the service from Weight Watchers – I bought a branded pedometer last Friday and set it up & wore it straight away. By the end if the day I’d walked miles around the park with my boy, looked at it to see whether I’d hit my target – all that was left was the clip.

I rang up, and received an instant apology, and an offer of a call back to resolve. The phone call came as I hung up from the first call! I was offered another apology, and a new pedometer. It arrived this morning. Just what customer service should be.

Anyway, I’ve just been for my weigh in and…….

I’ve lost another 1lb, which brings me to a total of *trumpet fanfare*

17.5lbs altogether

I am convinced I can do this, here’s to the Easter holidays!


Sport Relief Run In The Sun!

Well Chris did his three mile run.

My mum & son joined in in the day for the 1 mile event.

Here are a few pictures of the day.













Needless to say I’m really proud of them all and Chris has raised about £320 so far!

It’s not too late to sponsor him – you can click here

Park Fun With My Boy

My boy has been having behaviour problems at nursery school, so we set up a reward chart for him.

This week he has been good 4 days out of 5, so as the sun was shining off we went to the park as a reward.








I know this last one isn’t very clear, but he was roly polying down the hill.


Gifts, Treats & Chocolate Brownies!

Well it’s week 12 in my quest to be a healthier version of me.

This week we’ve had Mothering Sunday. My children made me some beautiful cards & gifts. Mainly edible, but very much appreciated. An d my husband made me breakfast in bed, and cooked a delicious roast chicken.


On Monday my baby girl?!? Turned 8 years old. I like to make the children’s birthday cakes, as I enjoy baking & I think it helps create those special memories. This year my daughter’s obsession is Moshi Monsters, and her favourite is a Moshling called Luvli, who is heart shaped. So I made her a heart shaped chocolate brownie cake, with crushed maltesers in, decorated with red buttercream. She loved it!


Although the first attempt was NOT as successful!


That will evolve into chocolate fridge cake this afternoon!

I also had a moment this week where I just did not want to cook or make a decision about what we would have for tea. Husband to the rescue… Fish & Chips arrived.
They were delicious.
But I couldn’t finish them.
In fact, I ate half what I would’ve eaten 12 weeks ago.

I’m calling that a No Scales Victory!

So how have I got on this week?

I’ve lost 2.5lbs! A total of 16.5lbs all together.

To say I’m chuffed would be an understatement – onwards & slimwards!

Winning streak!

Well it’s week 11.

What a week!

On Friday, I had a crack at the online Weight Watchers give away on Twitter. All you had to do was tweet why you should win some WW chocolate – and I won!

The prize was a selection of 5 WW choccie bars and they were gratefully received.

On Friday, we also packed the car to spend the weekend at my mum & dad’s house as we had tickets to see Horrible Histories theatre tour. It was brilliant! Completely different from the TV show, but fantastic story telling and great songs. We had a ball!


Then Monday was parent’s evening. It’s so love to hear teachers talking about how clever & enthusiastic the children are and we get the impression they are liked as well. We are having some issues with my 4yo boy’s behaviour, but we’re working with the school to try and settle him down.

Thursday, me & my other half had tickets to see Chris Addison in stand up. He’s a regular on Mock the Week & one of the stars of a BBC 4 political comedy called ‘In The Thick Of It’.

Mum very kindly travelled from Liverpool to baby sit, and we had a me out as well as the show.

What a wonderful night! We laughed till put faces ached!

Although I was sensible with my meal out, I know if I eat late before a weigh in, I tend to gain. So I attended my meeting with low expectations.

As I walked through the door, I was greeted with the news I’d won £25 to spend in the shop!

Then I got on the scales to find I’d lost 1.5lbs!

This means I have now lost a stone.

I am flying high and even more determined to succeed!!!

Variety Is The Spice Of Rice!

Week 9 in my quest.

Saturday is our family sit down and eat together day, so I cooked pie – including pastry from scratch. It was delicious!


Then we had family Sunday lunch and a birthday party.

Then straight into the routine of the working/school week.

Monday my other half was out, so it was a ‘sort yourself’ night. While he ready mealed, I found a recipe for butternut squash microwave risotto. I really enjoyed it and it was easy too.

Tuesday I was school governoring (no that’s not a real word, but I like it!), so we had a Chinese take away.

Wednesday was homemade chicken & sweet potato curry with rice.

It was only when I was looking at my meal plan on Thursday & started defrosting the ingredients for a bacon & leek risotto I spotted a theme!

Monday – risotto rice
Tuesday – Chinese rice
Wednesday – curry rice
Thursday – ….. You get the picture!

Now, I like rice, but four days on the go?

So Thursday became sausage & lentil one pot & mash (soooo tasty!)

So, how did this rice themed week affect my weight this week?

I lost 1/2lb, which is a total of 12 & 1/2 lbs. In this race, I’m definitely the tortoise, but that’s ok – I know if I plod along and just keep going, I’ll get there.

I leave you with this thought:

“Never eat more than you can lift.” ~Miss Piggy

Wise words, especially if it’s rice.

Cleopatra, The Gruffalo & Me!

Week 8 has arrived.

After last week’s surprise gain, I made doubly sure that I have been keeping my food diary accurately and reinforcing the good habits I’ve begun.

So, it’s been packed lunches for work every day and walked to the shops and been on the Xbox sports game as well.

The majority of my evenings have been caught up with costume making for World Book Day.

The girl wanted to be Cleopatra – she read a story of the Shakespeare play in October and has been adamant ever since that she wanted to be Cleopatra.


It’s amazing what you can do with a white pillowcase & some gold ribbon!

The boy wanted to be The Gruffalo/Gruffalo’s Child. This was more complex and has meant me spending my evenings on the sewing machine – which I haven’t used since I was 11 making my apron for Home Economics!

This was the result:



There has been much gnashing of teeth & grumbling to make this, but in his words “it’s ‘credible mummy!” so I’m rather pleased!

The other upside to this endeavour is that instead of watching TV with the temptation of a glass of wine and/or snacks I’ve been occupied and busy.

This means that this week I have lost 1.5lbs, a grand total of 12lbs.

I’m delighted with this, I’m back on track and moving forward.