Sport Relief – Guest Post

My husband, known affectionately on Twitter as @plockplock has set himself a charitable target. Here he is in his own words

In my facebook newsfeed, there was a reminder from my local council about Sandwell Valley hosting the Sport Relief mile at the end of March, so as an impulse (with only a brief check with my wife to ensure we had no other commitments that day), I’ve entered.
Now it’s fair to say that PE was never one of my favourite subjects at school and cross country was towards the bottom of the list of activities that interested me. However, I did take to running/jogging around the canal towpath near home last year and surprisingly, I actually quite enjoyed the exercise and the view.
I had a choice of 1, 3 and 6 miles so I’ve plumped for the middle option so now I can join Dave Nice and Mike Smash (not literally, mate!) in doing some good work for charity (which I don’t want to talk about!).
As I haven’t done any outside running work yet this year, hopefully this will spur me into action. The weather’s supposed to be getting better so I really have no excuse and it should help me to lose some more weight as well.
If anyone wants to sponsor me, please visit the following page:
Plockplock’s Sport Relief Page

Well there you go! I’m proud of him for setting himself this challenge, in public, and for a good cause.


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