Where Do I Start?

Where to start this week!

Had a fantastic weekend with visit to a friend’s for a meal, and a tiara and tuxedo party on the Saturday. Great to get glammed up!


For both nights I offered to drive, as I know when I drink me & food fall in love and “boom” disaster everywhere in the healthy eating stakes.

Then we had pancake day, which I enjoyed as we have both sweet & savoury – a hangover from living in France for a year.

Work’s been good this week, my project is winding down so stress is off at the moment.

So, how did I gain a pound this week?

What did I do differently?

I didn’t take a packed lunch on Tuesday or Wednesday – but made sure I tracked what I had.

We had our Chinese last night instead of Wednesday.

And that’s all I can think of.

So, the positives.

In 7 weeks I have lost 10.5lbs.

I feel better.

My clothes are fitting better.

I’m still resolved to finish this year healthier than I started it.

So on that note – onwards and upwards!


As part of the meeting, we had to write ourselves a goal for 12 weeks time. Here’s mine:


I will achieve this.


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