Frolics, Feasts and Five Percent

Well week 6 rears its head.

This week brought a Girly night in involving copious amounts of wine, the odd gin & tonic and a massive take away!

It also included valentine’s day.

Although we don’t go over the top, we still mark it.

I got a message on the Monday to let me know the valentine’s meal was going to be cooked for me & I was in charge of pudding.

I received a delicious home cooked roast beef dinner & pink fizz. I stressed over pudding.

I like cooking, but I’m more of a savoury cook. I can bake, but puddings flummox me.

Then inspiration struck. We had a version of eton mess – my lactose free cream, whipped, crushed meringues & frozen mixed berries. I also melted 4 toblerone chunks and froze them on grease proof paper in smears, then snapped over the top of the meringue mess. Absolutely delicious!

So despite all these frolics and feasts, I went to my weigh in. Ive kept my food diary all through the week, so knew I shouldn’t have put on, so would have been happy with a stay the same.

So imagine my joy, to find I’ve lost another 2lbs! That makes 11.5lbs in total, and I’ve hit my 5% target!

So to symbolise my week – here’s the card my girl made me:



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