Good Food & Good Progress

Well week 5 has come to an end.

Work is still busy, and home life as insane as ever.

My saving grace this week has been trying some new recipes out.

I’ve always been a fan of the BBC Good Food website and this week I’ve discovered some fantastic features on the site.

We had tons of left over roast pork from Sunday, so I searched the site for ‘leftovers’ and came across a recipe for ham & leek cobbler. It was delicious! I then used the ‘cobbler’ part of the recipe the next day to make a garlic bread to substitute for naan with curry.

Last night I had some chicken to use, but at a loss what to do with it. I searched the Good Food website for chicken recipes, then found I could use a filter to narrow down the results. I could search for gluten and dairy free recipes, low fat, special occasions, different cuisines – but the one I picked was ‘less than 200 calories’.

This brought up a recipe for chicken pie – but instead of pastry, you use mashed potato to top it.

It was scrumptious! I’ll definitely be cooking it again.

So how have I done on the scales?

Another 1.5lbs gone, making 9.5lbs on total.

That 5% is creeping closer and closer every week, and I’m feeling better & better all the time.


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