Week 4 – Silver 7!

Well it’s week 4 on my New Year’s promise to myself.

The week has been uneventful, work is very busy and I’ve had a week of urgent deadlines.

It’s pretty much been work, eat, sleep this week.

Despite this, I’ve continued keeping my food diary, making sensible food choices and measuring my food.

I’ve also invested in smaller plates to control my portion sizes, and trying to make a conscious effort to eat slower, to allow my brain to register that I’m full rather than shovelling food in till the plate’s empty.

The result? I’ve lost another 1.5lbs this week, making a total of 8lbs since January 1st. In Weight Watchers, each 1/2 stone is celebrated by a ‘silver 7’ – so I’ve hit my first mini goal!

I’m absolutely delighted, and feel really motivated to continue.

My next mini goal is to hit the 5% mark. Just losing 5% of your body mass has a proven effect on minimising the risks of heart disease, strokes & diabetes.

To get there I need to lose another 4.5lbs, which I could do over the next three weeks if I continue to average 2lbs a week.

Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “Week 4 – Silver 7!

  1. Well done! What a great achievement. Are you using an online food diary? If you’re using myfitnesspal I’m on there and can support you daily (search for Soggous). Xx

    • I’m using the weight watchers app for my phone, but @plockplock is using myfitnesspal as we’re doing this together.

      I’m grateful for any advice, encouragement and general woop woops!!

      Thank you


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