Sport Relief – Guest Post

My husband, known affectionately on Twitter as @plockplock has set himself a charitable target. Here he is in his own words

In my facebook newsfeed, there was a reminder from my local council about Sandwell Valley hosting the Sport Relief mile at the end of March, so as an impulse (with only a brief check with my wife to ensure we had no other commitments that day), I’ve entered.
Now it’s fair to say that PE was never one of my favourite subjects at school and cross country was towards the bottom of the list of activities that interested me. However, I did take to running/jogging around the canal towpath near home last year and surprisingly, I actually quite enjoyed the exercise and the view.
I had a choice of 1, 3 and 6 miles so I’ve plumped for the middle option so now I can join Dave Nice and Mike Smash (not literally, mate!) in doing some good work for charity (which I don’t want to talk about!).
As I haven’t done any outside running work yet this year, hopefully this will spur me into action. The weather’s supposed to be getting better so I really have no excuse and it should help me to lose some more weight as well.
If anyone wants to sponsor me, please visit the following page:
Plockplock’s Sport Relief Page

Well there you go! I’m proud of him for setting himself this challenge, in public, and for a good cause.


Where Do I Start?

Where to start this week!

Had a fantastic weekend with visit to a friend’s for a meal, and a tiara and tuxedo party on the Saturday. Great to get glammed up!


For both nights I offered to drive, as I know when I drink me & food fall in love and “boom” disaster everywhere in the healthy eating stakes.

Then we had pancake day, which I enjoyed as we have both sweet & savoury – a hangover from living in France for a year.

Work’s been good this week, my project is winding down so stress is off at the moment.

So, how did I gain a pound this week?

What did I do differently?

I didn’t take a packed lunch on Tuesday or Wednesday – but made sure I tracked what I had.

We had our Chinese last night instead of Wednesday.

And that’s all I can think of.

So, the positives.

In 7 weeks I have lost 10.5lbs.

I feel better.

My clothes are fitting better.

I’m still resolved to finish this year healthier than I started it.

So on that note – onwards and upwards!


As part of the meeting, we had to write ourselves a goal for 12 weeks time. Here’s mine:


I will achieve this.

Frolics, Feasts and Five Percent

Well week 6 rears its head.

This week brought a Girly night in involving copious amounts of wine, the odd gin & tonic and a massive take away!

It also included valentine’s day.

Although we don’t go over the top, we still mark it.

I got a message on the Monday to let me know the valentine’s meal was going to be cooked for me & I was in charge of pudding.

I received a delicious home cooked roast beef dinner & pink fizz. I stressed over pudding.

I like cooking, but I’m more of a savoury cook. I can bake, but puddings flummox me.

Then inspiration struck. We had a version of eton mess – my lactose free cream, whipped, crushed meringues & frozen mixed berries. I also melted 4 toblerone chunks and froze them on grease proof paper in smears, then snapped over the top of the meringue mess. Absolutely delicious!

So despite all these frolics and feasts, I went to my weigh in. Ive kept my food diary all through the week, so knew I shouldn’t have put on, so would have been happy with a stay the same.

So imagine my joy, to find I’ve lost another 2lbs! That makes 11.5lbs in total, and I’ve hit my 5% target!

So to symbolise my week – here’s the card my girl made me:


Good Food & Good Progress

Well week 5 has come to an end.

Work is still busy, and home life as insane as ever.

My saving grace this week has been trying some new recipes out.

I’ve always been a fan of the BBC Good Food website and this week I’ve discovered some fantastic features on the site.

We had tons of left over roast pork from Sunday, so I searched the site for ‘leftovers’ and came across a recipe for ham & leek cobbler. It was delicious! I then used the ‘cobbler’ part of the recipe the next day to make a garlic bread to substitute for naan with curry.

Last night I had some chicken to use, but at a loss what to do with it. I searched the Good Food website for chicken recipes, then found I could use a filter to narrow down the results. I could search for gluten and dairy free recipes, low fat, special occasions, different cuisines – but the one I picked was ‘less than 200 calories’.

This brought up a recipe for chicken pie – but instead of pastry, you use mashed potato to top it.

It was scrumptious! I’ll definitely be cooking it again.

So how have I done on the scales?

Another 1.5lbs gone, making 9.5lbs on total.

That 5% is creeping closer and closer every week, and I’m feeling better & better all the time.

Week 4 – Silver 7!

Well it’s week 4 on my New Year’s promise to myself.

The week has been uneventful, work is very busy and I’ve had a week of urgent deadlines.

It’s pretty much been work, eat, sleep this week.

Despite this, I’ve continued keeping my food diary, making sensible food choices and measuring my food.

I’ve also invested in smaller plates to control my portion sizes, and trying to make a conscious effort to eat slower, to allow my brain to register that I’m full rather than shovelling food in till the plate’s empty.

The result? I’ve lost another 1.5lbs this week, making a total of 8lbs since January 1st. In Weight Watchers, each 1/2 stone is celebrated by a ‘silver 7’ – so I’ve hit my first mini goal!

I’m absolutely delighted, and feel really motivated to continue.

My next mini goal is to hit the 5% mark. Just losing 5% of your body mass has a proven effect on minimising the risks of heart disease, strokes & diabetes.

To get there I need to lose another 4.5lbs, which I could do over the next three weeks if I continue to average 2lbs a week.

Wish me luck!