Steak, Spam & Birthday Cake!

Well what a week!

I’ve kept up with planning and tracking my meals and snacks, and this week I’ve lost 2 1/2 lbs making a total of 6 1/2lbs all together.

I’m delighted with this, as although the week has been controlled and routine, last weekend was not!

My parents treated me & my husband to a night out as part of our Christmas present, which was a meal at a nice restaurant and tickets to see Spamalot .

So I got dolled up and off we went. It was a brilliant night. I had the most delicious steak at the restaurant (as well as wine), and then the show was brilliant! So silly and the two leads, Marcus Brigstock & Jodie Prenger were great.

The next day was dad’s 61st birthday, so we went out for a lovely family lunch. We went to a carvery, which is great because you have control of your portions. It’s also a problem, as you’re in control of your portions. I piled my plate high!!! But, a miracle occurred. I stopped eating when I was full & left food on my plate! This is a victory for me as I don’t like to waste food.

Unfortunately, I was a little unwell that afternoon, as I’d inadvertently triggered my lactose intolerance. A side effect of this was I wasn’t able to eat the wonderful looking birthday cake mum had made as it was made with fresh cream.

It looked fabulous though, and the kids enjoyed decorating it with as many candles as they could – 53!


So I’ll take my 2 1/2lb loss as the victory it is. Now, where’s the cake?


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