Every Little Counts

Week 2 of my new year’s promise to myself to myself has come round.

I’ve had another good week, planning meals & snacking properly on fruit and veg.

On Wednesday, me & my husband planned in a Chinese take away & a bottle of wine, our weekly treat night as with 2 small(ish) children we don’t go out much.

What I’d forgotten when we planned this in, I’d arranged to go out for lunch with a colleague for his birthday. Luckily, the menu for the Thai restaurant is on line so I could make a sensible (but yummy) choice!

So, given that I had a Chinese, a Thai & only did 15 minutes on the exercise bike, I was delighted with a 1/2lb loss this week.

This brings the total to 4lb, and an average of 2lb a week, which I think is steady & sensible.

Week 3 is starting with a weekend away and a meal out, but I’m confident I can manage to enjoy myself and eat properly.




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