New Year, Old Me

Happy New Year! It’s 1st January 2012.

Everyone is starting to think about resolutions, new year, new me.

This is not something I’d normally do, as I don’t believe you can change who you are, only how you behave. And I’m very aware that part of who I am is low self control. And if I can’t say no to a glass of wine & a chocolate bar, how can I stick to a resolution.

But for me, therein lies the problem. Over the years, this lack of self control, plus two (beautiful) children, I have become unhealthily over weight.

This is not something I’m happy about, and I began to take action. I lost two stones, and started running and swimming. I felt good and my confidence levels were through the roof. Then along came the summer holidays, and my routine was disrupted. This was the excuse my low self control was looking for – and a mental note to restart after the holidays got lost in the jumble of family life.

I have not stood on the scales, but my clothes tell me that I’ve regained most, if not all, of the weight back on.

I am cross with myself, because I feel self conscious and awkward. I also do not want my active and healthy children to see me as a role model and lose their get up & go.

So this new year, I’m not making a resolution, I’m making a promise to myself:

I will end 2012 healthier than I started it



4 thoughts on “New Year, Old Me

  1. Good luck and well done for being brave enough to tackle it head on 🙂

    I did something very similar to you last year – I had a few months Feb – June time when I finally got the motivation and ate healthily and went to the gym and swimming. A 6 day holiday in June totally put my out of kilter and I didn’t really regain that motivation, only managing the odd gym session or swim for the rest of the year, and before I knew it, we’re in 2012! I’m going to join you and do something about it, properly this time.

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