Holiday Fun In The Sun

Wow! What a fantastic break!

Me & my girl travelled down to Swanage in Dorset to stay with my in-laws for a few days.

They live right on the bay, within 2 minutes of a beautiful, safe, sandy beach.

Plus, this week is the annual Swanage Carnival & Regatta.

Day 1 – we strolled down to the beach via the fairground, where my girl had a few rides & I caught up with my sister & brother outlaw. We then had an ice cream on the prom in glorious sunshine. Later that evening, was the firework display, which was spectacular.


Day 2 – me & my girl hit the beach! Buckets, spades, fishing nets – the works! We had a great time making sandcastles & splashing in the sea!



We also went into the fairground to have a few rides & do some painting – my girl painted a ceramic mermaid!



We then met up with grandma & grandpa to watch the parade – a weird mix of local humour and Caribbean glamour made it a fantastic spectacle!



Day 3 – we hit the beach again & I faced my fear of open water swimming and found I loved it! My girl loved splashing in the shallows but was nervy of actually swimming in the sea (despite being a strong swimmer in the pool). After abandoning my attempts to coax her in deeper, she promptly made friends with another girl playing on a body board and went deeper than I’d tried to take her! (the power of peer pressure & distraction!).

After lunch, we met up with an old friend and her daughter to go on the children’s treasure hunt. Max the monkey is missing! We followed all the clues around the town & found him! The girls were delighted when he waved back at us.


The original plan was then to go to the kids’ disco, then the girls wanted to play, so dumped the original plans and headed back to the fair, the park, and yes, the beach again (it’s a hard life)


Then back to grandma’s for sausage & mash for tea – yummy!


Day 4 – in the morning we went to the shops to buy some birthday presents and a couple of “we’ve missed you” gifts for daddy & the boy, back to the fair and girl did another ceramic statue – this time a teddy bear.

We met up with grandma & grandpa who treated my girl to a body board, and we treated them to fish, chips & beer by the sea.


After lunch, me, my girl & grandma hit the beach (again!?!) to try out the body board. Fantastic success and great fun! (yes I tried it out myself) and grandpa came down for a paddle after he finished work.

Day 5 – we came home! We’ve had an amazing time, and can’t wait to go and visit as a family all together!



CAR-NI-VAL Swanage Style!!

Sunday 31st July saw the Swanage carnival parade happen.

It was brilliant – full if joy and humour. The theme this year is Jurassic Rocks (due to us being at the Jurassic coast) – so were lots of cave men references & dinosaurs etc..

All of the money raised during carnival week goes to paying for the carnival and any profit goes straight back into the local community.

Now the pictures!!














As you can see – this is a vibrant community – long may it last!