Lazy Lunch!

Day 3 of the school holidays & my other half asked if me & the daughter would like to meet him for lunch – his treat! Well of course I said yes as there is such a thing as a free lunch it seems!

Me and the girl hopped onto the local train into Birmingham and played a mammoth game of ‘I Spy’ to which the final clue was “i w” – apparently ‘invisible wind’ (cue hysterical giggles from mummy).

We then strolled across town to meet him. We passed through Victoria Square where she suddenly squealed “that’s a statue of Queen Victoria, I recognise her from Horrible Histories!” Good to know the BBC is fulfilling it’s educational remit!

We had a lovely family lunch at The Handmade Burger Co on the canal at Brindley Place – pricey, yet delicious! Daughter obviously enjoyed herself as she then skipped off up the tow path:


At this point we spotted the waterbus stop:


And was begged for a ride – I quite fancied it myself so asked how much it was – 75p for us to ride to the mailbox – bargain! So we jumped on.

It was really enjoyable. A very pleasant way to travel and the driver (?) gave us a running history as we travelled




As we walked through The Mailbox, we popped into the BBC shop to see if daughter’s uncle was around as he works there. He wasn’t but we found this:


Cue much excitement from us both!

We wandered back to the train via The Body Shop & as it was 3 for 2 on lip balms it would have been rude not to treat ourselves!!

All in all, a very nice way to spend a few hours!


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