School Holidays With Daughter

So we’re into day 2 of the 6 week break.
I have this week & next off work with daughter, then she joins the boy at play scheme.
Day 1 we spent relaxing. She had her DS, I had my kindle. We went into the garden and just spent quiet time together, I think we both needed it.

Day 2, we nipped up to decathlon to buy VERY cheap Pe kits, and a few running bits for me, then onto Ikea for some little storage boxes. These boxes were for mission ‘tidy up daughter’s cupboard’

By lunchtime, the kitchen looked like a bomb had gone off, so we took a break.

Off we trotted to pizza hut – who are doing kids eat free – with each adult main course, children get a free 2 course meal – unlimited salad bar here we come!

As she’d been so good, I treated her to the ice cream factory for £1 – see the below pic!


Then we came back and finished sorting her toys out.

I’m really pleased with her; she’s been so sensible about keep, recycle & charity and her cupboard doors shut, plus we can see the kitchen floor!

Let’s hope the next two weeks are just as chilled and productive!


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